Whitening Toothpaste – Does it really work?

We have all seen the ads and claims of miracle whitening toothpastes and wondered if they really work – most of the time, the answer is YES, you will notice a slight color change in your teeth, but is it safe and are you choosing the best one for you? Check out this blog for our thoughts & be sure to ask one of our team members at your next visit what they think is best for you!

Whitening Toothpaste Claims/Our Thoughts:

– Removes Surface Stains:  YES – all toothpaste does this, even brushing with just water will remove some staining.

– Whitens Crowns/Veneers: NOPE – a small amount of surface staining might be removed but there are no current products (professional or over the counter) that can actually whiten crowns or veneers.

-No Abrasives/No sensitivity: All whitening toothpastes are slightly abrasive and can cause temporary sensitivity to cold – some are significantly more abrasive than others, especially those that contain silica!

-Anti-Plaque: YES! All toothpastes are anti-plaque – again, brushing with just water can remove plaque.

-Contains Fluoride: WHOOHOO! We love fluoride toothpaste and recommend it to everyone – make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride for anticavity benefits!

Another common question we receive is if the more expensive whitening toothpastes are worth it, our opinion is that they aren’t.  Some popular “boutique” whitening toothpastes being sold contain titanium dioxide which is a food grade additive (similar to additives used to color candies like M&Ms) and is very abrasive – not something recommend for daily use.  You will probably notice some color changes with the food additive & abrasive silica, but it is not something that we think is great for you.

Bottom line if you are interested in whiter teeth:

-Brush at least twice daily for two minutes each time with a toothpaste containing fluoride (removes plaque, removes surface stain, helps prevent cavities)

– Floss Daily (removes plaque, helps prevent gum disease, helps prevent cavities)

– Limit coffee, tea, soda, wine, etc.

– Try over the counter whitening products (Crest 3D Vivid Toothpaste, white strips, and even equate white strips work)

– If you want to actually BLEACH your teeth and get a bright white smile beyond just surface stain removal, get PROFESSIONAL bleaching trays made or purchase prescription pre-filled bleach trays from a dentist.

-ASK questions and research – we welcome you to call us or ask during your next visit what our custom, professional recommendations are for you!