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Arkansas Mission of Mercy

The Arkansas Mission of Mercy (ARMOM) event is an annual two day FREE dental clinic!! It was started by the Arkansas State Dental Association for under served Arkansans.  All services are provided completely free of charge by members of the

Whitening Toothpaste – Does it really work?

We have all seen the ads and claims of miracle whitening toothpastes and wondered if they really work – most of the time, the answer is YES, you will notice a slight color change in your teeth, but is it

Sinus Issues and Tooth Pain

Sinus Issues and Tooth Pain If you have a toothache or even several painful teeth, you might assume you have a a cavity, abscess, or other dental problem. However, the cause of your pain may not be due to your teeth at

What type of toothbrush is best for you?

Have you ever wondered down the toothbrush aisle and been overwhelmed by all of the different options?? We have, so chances are you have too! This post will help you narrow down which toothbrush options are best for you! Lets

Whitening vs. Bleaching

Teeth whitening/bleaching procedures are on the rise and are among the most common procedures our patients are interested in.  These procedures can knock years off your appearance, boost confidence, and make a stronger first impression.  At Dental Health of Fianna,

What kind of filling is best for you?

Composite (white) vs. Amalgam (silver) Fillings Our doctors are great at keeping up with the latest and greatest things in dentistry.  Because they are so well educated and are always learning through continuing education, they feel that it is best

We have a WINNER…

We LOVE to make people WINNERS! Cindy is our latest Dental Health of Fianna WINNER! She won a brand new TV for being our Facebook Patient of the Day! Each quarter, we give away an awesome prize to one of

Our Team

  We are so excited to have welcomed three new members to our team! Check out our “Dental Health of Fianna Team” tab to see our newest smiling faces! 

Join Our Team

We want you to help us complete our team! Resumes for our scheduling coordinator position are currently being accepted. Position is full time with benefits. Applicants should be eager to learn, have an exceptionally good attitude, and be a team

Is your diet helping or hurting your teeth?

Most of us know the common ways ways to prevent tooth decay are daily brushing and flossing along with professional dental cleanings and check ups, but many don’t think about the foods you eat causing decay.  Your diet could be