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Emergency and Urgent Dental Care

Dental problems can happen at any time and often occur without warning. Delaying dental care can increase your risk of permanent damage and may require you to have more expensive and extensive dental treatment. For this reason, many dentists offer

Implications of Alternative Smoking on Oral Health

Most people are aware of the implications that smoking has on our health, but the effects of smoking on our dental health may not be as well known. Find out how smoking cigarettes, bidis, marijuana and hookah affects the health

Latex Allergies and Dental Care

Latex can be found in numerous products, ranging from everyday household items to dental and medical supplies. It has been linked to allergic reactions after repeated exposure to items that contain natural rubber latex. Latex is derived from the sap

What Age to Start Dental Care

For many parents, determining when to begin dental care is a tough decision. Find out when it is the most appropriate to begin dental care and why it is important. When Should Dental Care Start? Basic dental hygiene habits should