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Use of Antibiotics and Tooth Discoloration

Antibiotics are commonly prescribed for a variety of health problems. Although they are designed to help us battle infections and stay healthy, they can produce unwanted side effects, particularly those that affect your teeth. Explore the effects that long-term antibiotics

Is Mouthwash Really Necessary?

Whether you are looking to freshen your breath, prevent cavities, reduce plaque or prevent gum disease, there is no shortage of mouthwash available on the market. Mouthwash can certainly help your mouth feel clean and fresh, but is it a

Rewards for referrals!

A new patient referral is the greatest compliment we may receive,  Historically, our best patients come from our wonderful existing patients, so if you are pleased with us, we encourage you to tell all of your friends and family,  As

Caring for Dentures at Home

Proper denture care is vital for the health of your mouth and dentures. Caring for your dentures appropriately can help keep them free from stains, clean and looking their best. Follow these tips for good denture care. Cleaning Much like

What Foods and Drinks are Good for Your Teeth?

Your diet plays an important role in maintaining good oral health and preventing cavities. When you eat foods containing sugars or starches, bacteria present in your mouth convert them to acids, which can attack your tooth enamel and promote tooth